Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Behind the scenes, Inside my Studio!

My newest discovery that will be appearing on new jewellery pieces!
Happy March 2018 everyone! Hard to believe that winter is almost over. That is if you live in Canada or somewhere around this half of the globe. Sorry it has been a while since I've shared anything new and exciting. It has been a busy winter working on art projects, jewellery making of course, polymer clay, illustrating, dealing with health issues, not to mention, this is been a season all about old things being replaced, including my 12 year old power wheelchair. Which has been quite a process and thankfully, Is finally complete. If you're interested in knowing more about that side of our life, feel free to check out our blog walking way overrated.

If you are interested, my Etsy shop, A Bergie Creation is here and you can like my ABC Facebook page here!

What have I been working On These past Months?
First of all I have been working on something to brighten up our windows as the snow insists on staying this winter. They also make great gifts to. Who am I kidding, it always sticks around in northwestern Ontario. I don't sell these window clings, so far anyway,  in my shop, but I do you want to show you -since it something I've been working on in my studio. If you want to learn more about faux how I make stain glass, hair is my creativity blog/ with videos HeArtfully Creating!

Newest Discovery!
Being an artist, I love art supplies. One new supply that I discovered this winter, and can't get enough of, are nail art powders. Not the traditional mica powders, that we see in  eyeshadows and such. (I love mica too)
This powders, flakes and glitter powder, are called chrome, chameleon, and mirror chrome. They contain 2 to 3 colors all in one powder or flake. It is amazing to me the plethora of polymer clay decorating possibilities, that exists in the nail art supply World.
Needless to say, I've  been experimenting as I apply it to Polymer Clay and resin pieces. Here are just a few photographs. So you can see why, I've become a bit obsessed with these beautiful  powders.

And Now For My Most Recent Jewelry Creation..
Just a week or so ago, I was excited when another one of my polymer clay bracelets sold in my shop! It was another one of the beautiful heart charm bracelets, created with polymer clay. Bracelets aren't something that I have a lot of in my shop. I tend to focus on necklaces and earrings. So I thought I would try designing some new bracelets that I have never done before, cuff and bangle style in polymer clay!
I want to share a sneak peek at what I have created so far this past week. They're not complete yet. Finishing touches matter a lot. But at least I can show you where I am at so far. My hope is that they will be ready to be listed for sale within the next week or two.

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