Wednesday, November 11, 2015

CONTEST NOW OVER ----Over $150 CDN Free Handmade Jewelry Contest Giveaway!!
ABC Contest Giveaway EXTENDED 24hrs! Enter now  Deadline: December 11, 12pm E.S.T. READ ON!

First Ever Contest Give Away!!!
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The Prizes
First Prize: A bundle of at least 8 pieces of my handmade jewelry pieces that value Over $150 CND value  
These pieces have never before been listed in my shop, handmade jewelry piecess, designed and created by me, Anita Berglund. Who am I? I have been a professional artist for over thirty years. If you want to know more, just check out my biography notes on my A Bergie Creation Etsy Shop or read more on any of my blogs: 
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Below are five of the Gift Prize Bundle...More Will Be included but I want to keep them a surprise!!!

Second Prize:
1 Pair of handmade earrings, my number one seller the 18 gauge MINNIER size hoops
 in hammered silver filled. Click here to see details about the pair.

Third Prize:
1 Pair of handmade earrings, my number one seller the 20 gauge THINNIER size hoop earrings
in hammered solid brass. Click here to see a pair.

How Do I Enter?
#1. Must Be a subscriber to this blog  using the Google + Badge to the right of the post! that you are reading right now: blog and write a comment below on this contest page for the ABC blog, using  hashtag #ABCJewelryBundle 

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#2 and then share this contest announcement to at least ten or all of your friends or more, on one of either  social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumbler or Google+ 

How Many Entries Can I Make?:
1. Only one entry per person or username
Who Will Be Able To Enter?:
1. Anyone 
2. This contest is WORLDWIDE 

December 10th, 12pm Eastern Standard time.

How Will The Winner Be Selected?

1. The winner will selected At Random. Then A Bergie Creation (that is me, Anita), will post the winner by December 12th, that winner will be asked to respond in a private message so I can obtain their mailing address to mail their prize.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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Autumn Is Falling

Well as happens every year, the autumn leaves have already turned those beautiful hues, russetts, crimson reds, golden yellows, an rich oranges...oh so inspiring. Inspiring enough to help me create an assortment of fall leaves out of my now favourite medium, polymer clay. Take a peak at this newly created multi variations necklace. 

As an artist, I have never been a fan of cookie cutter type art or mass production of one image. 
it is just my personal conviction that I should create original works of art, including wearable art like my polymer clay pieces. Granted, if I need to duplicate anything, it would be my own design. Each one of these leaves, were hand cut, no two are identical. Using skinner blends that I created using Premo polymer clay, I randomly, without a plan, carved the leaves out one by one. 
This particular series, was enhanced with a background of pearlized golden clay and then details embossed with a tool or two. I wanted these to be beautiful and interesting. Enhancing the textures, I dabbed on golden mica powder.

Each leaf is embedded with a jump ring so they can have a floating appearance. Below are some more photos of "FALLING."

Happily Creating,
Anita of
A Bergie Creation