Friday, November 23, 2018

Finally Friday: New Sweet Tweetees!

Happy Finally Friday everyone !
For weeks and weeks now I have been creating all kinds of beads and dangles. So many, I can't remember them all. If you are interested in following the creative process feel free to check out my creativity blog called HeArtfully Creating - click here to see some in process photos. As well you can stay even more connected by joining this shop blog and the ABC Facebook page on Facebook here,  and the HeArtfully Creating Facebook Group here.
One of my favourite designs are the wee little Tweetees! I just thought a cute design requires a cute name! To see more about the process an other photos before they become jewellery pieces, please click on my HeArtfully Creating creativity blog here.
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RedTweet. Red And Orange Polymer Clay Mini Bird Dangle Earrings

 PURPTWEET - Purple Mini Birdy Earrings