Monday, August 3, 2015

This Week's Feature: ABC's Number One Best Seller...The MINI Collection

Over one thousand pairs of ABC's MINI Collection earrings are all over the world! My shop was opened in October 2008 and since these earrings were designed, incorporating various metals and sizes, as well as in two different gauges and surfaces (smooth and hammered), they have been the best selling item at my shop. Unlike other packaged items, these earrings can be sent in flat regular mail envelopes, so shipping is not very costly. That means, it can take a bit longer, but it seems to be plus for the 1000 plus, who have purchased them.
Click below to watch the short video feature!

These mini hoops come in a few sizes, as well as the NOT SO MINI style, which are double the size. Check out this short feature if you like and if you are interested, please see the detailed info on each
listing at A Bergie Creation.

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