Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SUMMER FEELING- ABC's Summer Fashion Necklaces

 Enjoying summer? Just thought I would make a short video featuring some of my new  "Spring and Summer" fashion necklaces. Of course I love colour, so I would wear any of these pieces, any time of the year. In fact, have you ever noticed how bright colours bring a smile to your heart, in the depths of a dark cold winter? No? Well, if you live any where near Northwestern Ontario, you will know what I am talking about :o)
Have a look if you like, click the video link just below.
I have to say my favourite newest pendant necklace is the brightly coloured polymer clay piece above. Using little three dimensional dots of colour remind me of the beautiful work of the late artist, Georges Seurat. Have a click here if you want to learn about his pointillism technique.