Saturday, October 21, 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT - NEW! And A Sneak Peek! Handmade Jewellry Making Supplies

Yes it has been a while Since posting anything new At my shop blog. Please LIKE my ABC Facebook page to keep up to date on news and behind the scenes. Here's my Etsy Shop Link too.

So today, I want to announce Something brand-new. If you follow my Creativity blog, "HeArtfully Creating", Then you know that I love Working with Polymer clay. It takes a long time To create beautiful pieces. Of course all work is done Out of love. The intention is Every time I make beads or jewelry components, That I will be making jewelry out of those creations. Turns out, I enjoy making the components So much so, That I haven't actually been creating  jewelry pieces as much as I had planned on in the beginning. It's kind of like an addiction I guess. Every time I sit down, ha ha- I Use wheelchair so I'm hours sitting down 😊 - And begin to create some new Beads, pendants or dangles, etc, I can't seem to stop trying Different Colours, Variations, And shapes. Which now means, I have a large collection of handmade beads.

And as I admire my recent Autumn leaf dangles, that I originally envisioned being some sort of bracelet or necklace, the thought came to me... Why let  all these Unique and beautiful pieces keep building up and being unused? Why not Sell them in my shop? There are many great jewelry artists out there, who have the passion and drive to make their own Handmade artisan jewellry, And prefer to purchase Artisan be made by other artists. I have done it myself, Before I began working in polymer clay. The majority of my life's been spent making two-dimensional art on canvas or paper. Then I delved into jewelry
making in 2008, A few years ago I began working in Three-dimensions Using polymer clay. Like I said,  originally, hoping to make polymer clay jewelry out of my own beads. I do have some pieces in my Shop As you can see, But I seem to really enjoy painting with Clay so much that I run out of time to make as much  Jewelry as I wanted to. And because my physical health, Isn't what it used to be- My productivity time Has been sliced in half. So makes sense To focus on What I enjoy the most, When I'm able to do it.

No, it doesn't mean I won't be making anymore, But is just something Extra I can do, to offer Limited additions Of my Handmade artisan beads for sale. , But do you have time to make some incredible jewelry pieces.

What makes jewelry extra special, Aside from Art pieces being one-of-a-kind- Is when the beads are also one-of-a-kind And cannot be found anywhere else.

So effective today, I am listening my first handmade polymer clay Jewelry making Components. These really beautiful Autumn leaves, (I am calling
them "Mighty Oakly") that I originally created, Then made a mold for it, and now have a limited number of them. Once they're sold, that will be it. I may make more but in a different colour. How cool is that?
Sneak Peek! This will be my first set of handmade bead dangles: Original- Limited edition of my original "oak" leaf design- will be available as me
So here are some of my bead collections. No, not all I am sharing will be listed for sale because I really do hope to transform them into jewellery.