Thursday, December 13, 2018

Sneak Peek! Beautiful Colourful And Sparkly Polymer clay Adjustable Bracelets

Couldn't wait to share some detail pics of a few new polymer clay dangle bracelets. They will be listed in my Etsy Shop A Bergie Creation soon! Until then here are the sneak peek pics! A video sharing even more details in a video soon too! Enjoy!
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Friday, December 7, 2018

Inside My Studio: What Have I Been Working On Lately...

A Few Ramblings About Creating...
It has been a busy few months artistically speaking. It seems that once I find a technique or process I like, I want to make some in every colour. It is much different than when I was working only in two dimensions. A canvas in front of me and a palette of brightly pigmented paints, crying out to be smooshed, combined, and swiped into what would become a beautiful work of art. Well, hopefully it would.
Acrylic painting on canvas of my Dad by me, Anita Berglund

My paintings were usually at least 16" x 20" inches or more and could take days and days to weeks and weeks. It all depended on what it was, how I wanted it to look and if it was turning out how I wanted. Some artists like to meticulously plan out their masterpiece, methodically, critically and succinctly. Not me, I try to but it just doesn't happen. A speck of an idea may spontaneously plunk into my mind, fuelling what would become my next artistic creation. But planning and agonizing over how it will be played out just doesn't feel natural. In three dimensional land, sculpting in polymer clay,  making jewellery, needle felting, and such can be done in the same manner.
Watch Below about What I Have Been Working On Lately...
If you don't want to read my rambling about my creative process, dive in and watch the newest video compilation below.

Open A Bank Account!
However, I am trying to bank ideas into what Christi Friesen once recommended for me to do, write down my ideas into a notebook, keeping them in an idea "savings" account. Then, wen I want to create, (daily for me) I just go through my idea bank and make a withdrawal. I am totally paraphrasing, but it's the gist of what she said. The banking of ideas is a great idea. Just like Christi, a
The time I won a Christi Friesen polymer clay 
original heart. Such a Happy moment!
great lady! You might want to try it. In fact, I even made a handmade note book using index cards, a hole punch and some heavy wire. As for the discipline of banking my ideas, still too impulsive and I forget to look at my bank. That's my fault. Not giving up. It really could work if I followed it through. It doesn't help that I stink at actual banking, spending what I don't have - impulsively!

Any way, thank you for stopping by. Hope you like what you see, are a wee bit inspired to create in whatever method you wish. You may even want to look at my Etsy shop here.  
And I hope you know how much I value any and all likes, shares and subscribes to any or all of my online activities because it encourages me on those days when my body feels too tired to create but my always mind longs to do it. It also helps bit by bit to earn a few cents a day trying to earn money to cover my creative projects through google adsense and such. And of course I also am super appreciative for my 1200 plus or so jewellery shop customers. So happy you want to wear what I enjoy creating!

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Love you all.

DRENDLE. Teal Blue To Purple Violet Chameleon Colour Changing Polymer Clay And Silver Beaded Necklace. Adjustable

 Here are some more pictures of my newest necklace DRENDLE. It is a way to try to reflect the best way possible, how beautiful the chameleon duo chrome colours shift from teal blue to a magenta purple pink hue. It all depends on the lighting. The textural beads were created using Christ Friesen's teture stamps for polymer clay. The amazing pigment powders are actually made for nail art designs. Simply spectacular. I just love colour shifting. To learn the specs on this piece just click on the name DRENDLE. You will go directly to my shop. Hope you enjoy the pictures. I will be creating some short videos featuring what I have been working on over the past few months including these great style beads.

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