Saturday, March 11, 2017

NEW! Saturday Sneak Peek!-Behind The Scenes

Happy Saturday everyone!
Hope all is groovy and well.
The past couple of months have been gearing up to release and list some new pieces of jewellery! So today, I want to share a sneak peek at these amazing polymer clay pieces that I have created using texture plates and rollers that I created  myself (so no copying of other artist's work, which is important to me as an artist. For those who use some of the beautiful ready made texture sheets and rollers, that is great. Whatever works for you. Just know that it is totally possible to make your very own designs and texture making tools, plates and rollers!

One Of A Kind - No Other Patterns Or Pieces Like These!
As well as using my own texture patterns, I also did some surface treatments that revealed a really cool rustic/patins look and metallic in some pieces. The backs of some look like hammered metal! Love it.

Inspired By
Being inspired by Christi Friesen's work, she adds a lot of other elements/inclusions, in the first pair below, I incorporated some copper tone micro marbles and a faceted glass bead for texture and sparkle.  Of course, amazing mica powders, always enhance any piece. Acrylic paints and polyurethane glaze also were used to achieve these really interesting effects.
As soon as I complete these pieces by transforming them into jewellery, I will be posting the news on here!

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