Wednesday, March 1, 2017

THE MINI COLLECTION: Handmade Spiral Hoops In Assorted Sizes

Hi guys! A Bergie Creation's number one seller since 2008, has been the "MINI" Collection. Wanting to create a handmade item that was affordable and would be easy to ship worldwide using a regular
envelope, the flat, wire hoop was created. Not saying that no one else creates earrings like these, but, the idea came and I began selling them very quickly. To date, world wide, there are over 1000 pairs of A Bergie Creation (That's me, Anita Berglund :o) MINI collection assorted hoops on people's ear lobes! Pretty cool. Just today, I am processing an order for a silver filled pair to the United Kingdom! I love the idea of my jewellery being sent to people across the ocean - from Canada!
The bestest thing of all is these earrings are mailed for FREE -all over the world! To enable that, I use regular envelope mail, so it can take longer than special packet mail. But, Customers do  have the option to pay for shipping upgrade. 

As you can see in the item descriptions in my shop on Etsy, these earrings are offered in a variety of metals, solid copper, brass, German Nickel Silver, Oxidized Copper, and Silver Filled and Gold Filled (not solid). Because the silver filled and gold filled 24k, is such a good quality at an affordable price, I do not sell solid sterling or gold. Just too expensive. When a wire says "filled" it is a base wire like brass, specially layered with the precious metal like silver or gold, making it much more durable than anything labelled, "Plated." Over 1000 sales of these earrings and no complaints about allergies or sensitivities. So that is why "filled" is a great affordable substitute.
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