Friday, November 27, 2015

Finally Friday! Prices Lowered on Select Items

Happy Friday guys! Here are some hand selected items from A
Bergie Creation, that have had their prices lowered. The theme of the pieces are accessories that make me think of winter!
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Princess Filigree Heart Pearl and Silver Necklace

Crystal Frozen Earrings

Hyacinth Green Faceted Earrings

Elsa Cocktail Ring

Thursday, November 26, 2015

From a Canadian, Happy American Thanksgiving! - Price Drop On Selected Items!

Here in Canada, our Thanksgiving happened in October. Our Neighbours, the USA are having their  Thanksgiving today and all weekend. I wanted to select some items to lower prices on anyways, so I decided I would do it in honour of the Amerivcan Thanksgiving. Hope there is something you like. 

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Today's Select Price Reduction At A Bergie Creation -Look!

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone is well. I know
with all of the anarchy going on in the world, the last thing anyone is interested in is handmade jewelry. But, if anyone is like me, I like to know what is happening in current events, pray about it and then continue on with the "norm." For me, that is creating, and if I love it, share it in my shop.
Like I mentioned before, I wanted to lower some of A Bergie Creation jewelry prices because of the decline in our Canadian dollar, hoping it will help a little. Take a peek and please always feel free to share my shop link, including this ABC blog and the ABC Facebook Page with as many people as you can. It helps a lot! 

I have made the title of each piece a direct link to where it is located in my Easy shop.

Thanks for stopping by.



Kilia 1


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Today's New Reduced Prices On Select Items...

Hi guys, I just wanted to share some new selected items that I have reduced prices for because of our economic times. Hoping, it will make my work more accessible for everyone.  Just click on the title of each item to be taken to my Etsy shop: A Bergie Creation.

Starving Artist
As an artist, like I said before, pricing my art work to sell has always been a dilemma for me. Personally, it would never be possible to sell art work based on the actual time it takes to create it.  The price would be way too high and I want to make
pieces that all can afford. 

Acrylic painting by Anita Berglund of A Bergie Creation

Athe same time, I know that there are paintings I love so much that I don't want to part with.  Makes sense if you have something you have made that you know will not be recreated and you adore it, like a child, you won't part with it. 
Yet, because it is not a child, I have been known to say to someone inquiring about one of my fine art paintings, that I would sell a certain it for a certain amount of money. A way higher price than I know most people would be willing to pay. That' is because I really don't want to part with it, but, yah, does that make me a sell out? 

Of course, I know they most likely, won't pay that price. But, there are some who appreciate and understand the value of a piece of art, so they would pay it. So far, I've been lying low and since I haven't painted in a long time, I cling to the remaining pieces I have. And

Acrylic painting by Anita Berglund of A Bergie Creation

Acrylic painting by Anita Berglund of A Bergie Creation
then I am reminded of poor Vincent Van Gogh, he painted many many beautiful paintings and only sold one while he was alive. His brother Theo was an art dealer even. Now look at the millions that are spent on his work since he died. He clearly painted because he wasn't in a "right" frame  of mind if he didn't. Sadly, he struggled with mental issues and died in his thirties. But, as often happens, an artist's work doesn't become valuable until they aren't here on earth to paint anymore. The value comes from the fact that it is a rare collector's piece. None will ever be created again. On that note, I smile and tell my husband, just wait, when I am gone you will be able to clean up by selling my paintings. Just kidding of course. Okay, maybe at least enough to pay for the cheapest "box" to bury the physical part of me in. I hate the thought of him being over charged by some slick coffin salesman. Enough of that, take a look at the items I reduced the prices of today... :o)

Friday, November 13, 2015

New!!! Prices just reduced!

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It is never easy trying to price one's art work. At least for me it always has been. I create because I love to, every piece of work be it in two dimensions or three, has been created with great enjoyment, care and passion. Personally, I could never charge a specific amount per hour as some folks suggest, it would just cause the work to be too expensive. A question I have always been asked, especially when I focused on acrylic painting was, how long does it take you to paint a picture? My answer, never very clear because the hours cruise by without me counting them. When you love what you do, you never notice time passing. When I am loving what I am creating, I can work from morning right until bed time, taking time for lunch and supper and the bathroom (maybe, depends if I take time to drink my water.) These days as my disability dictates what I am able to do, I do have to take longer breaks and some days energy is not what it once was. But, the passion to create still flows through me.
Wanting to make my work affordable, recently I was assessing some recent pricing and because our Canadian dollar is so low, the conversion (my pieces are listed in US dollars) causes the price to increase significantly, I thought I would try to lower the cost of some of my pieces. So I hope this helps to make some of the pieces more affordable. It always helps me out if friends and other share the links to my blogs and shop and such. So please feel free to pass on this pricing article. 
Here are the items I have reduced...Just click on the item name to go to the ABC Etsy shop page it's on.
Buttery Delight
Blue Fire

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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HeArtfully Creating
Walking Way Overrated
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Second Prize:
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Thanks for stopping by! 

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Autumn Is Falling

Well as happens every year, the autumn leaves have already turned those beautiful hues, russetts, crimson reds, golden yellows, an rich oranges...oh so inspiring. Inspiring enough to help me create an assortment of fall leaves out of my now favourite medium, polymer clay. Take a peak at this newly created multi variations necklace. 

As an artist, I have never been a fan of cookie cutter type art or mass production of one image. 
it is just my personal conviction that I should create original works of art, including wearable art like my polymer clay pieces. Granted, if I need to duplicate anything, it would be my own design. Each one of these leaves, were hand cut, no two are identical. Using skinner blends that I created using Premo polymer clay, I randomly, without a plan, carved the leaves out one by one. 
This particular series, was enhanced with a background of pearlized golden clay and then details embossed with a tool or two. I wanted these to be beautiful and interesting. Enhancing the textures, I dabbed on golden mica powder.

Each leaf is embedded with a jump ring so they can have a floating appearance. Below are some more photos of "FALLING."

Happily Creating,
Anita of
A Bergie Creation