Monday, October 24, 2016

SNEAK PEEK - New Beaded Crocheted Wire Bracelets!!

Summer Flew By....
These past few months have been filled with my passion. What is that you ask? Why, creating of course! While our street was being torn apart for the  last few months, I worked away on designing and creating several new polymer clay pieces. is my creativity blog where I seek to share and encourage creativity in artists of all ages. That is where more details about my creating processes can be found. The pieces have yet to be assembled into marketable jewellery because it takes me a while to not just create the beads and cabochons, but equal time sanding, waxing and buffing them to a nice buttery finish. Oh and I haven't written about this at HeArtfully Creating yet, but it took even longer when I discovered polyurethane glazing peels off as easily as it went on. Which meant I had to and still have to, sand away all the surfaces and refinishes them.... coming to the conclusion that the finish for my polymer pieces from now on,  will either be in their natural glory or sanded, waxed and buffed. They actually do not require any finishes anyway but, sometimes you just want that extra special surface.

On that Note...
I recently have had my interest in wire working re-ignited. That means I have completed some hand crocheted wire and beaded bracelets. Most of my earlier pieces sold out long ago so I thought maybe making some new pieces might be a good idea. As well, I hope to create, design and sell some new wire working techniques in the near future. So again, Subscribe to keep updated on any new ABC activities! Plus, I just appreciate any support from persons interested in my art work :o)

Take A Peek!
Here are the detailed photos of some of my newest crocheted wire and bead bracelets! As they are listed in my shop, I will be posting the direct links. For now, was just excited to share these.

See you soon!
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Been A While...Some New Pieces To Come!

 Sorry, it has been a while since posting anything new. My computer broke down and that meant transition time. Learning to use a laptop for me has been trying. But, here I am finally. Just wanted to start by sharing the link to the beautiful multi strand polymer clay and glass bead necklace. It was featured as a Sneak Peek a way back and as life happened, computer croaked, I never got to post that actual listing in my Etsy Shop. So here it is (just click here to go there!)

I am excited to dive back into sharing and listing some new pieces that I have  been working on over these past months. Make sure to subscribe if you want to be the first to see anything new at A Bergie Creation. 

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