Monday, February 17, 2020

A Closer Look : At My New Petri Dish Resin Mini Heart Pendants

It's time for more photos of the mini petri dish hearts, part of my Heartfully Collection of all guessed it, hearts! This technique results in the most coolest designs. I want to share closer looks as much as possible. The close up photos show these little micro worlds. Horton Hears A Who!!

Enjoy these sweet pics. Feel free to visit my shop at Etsy here, if you are curious about non photography details!
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Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Closer Look: Handmade Jewelry - Sneak Peeks And More

Hi guys! Hope you are all well. It's been a productive week. Aside from being able to create some brand new pieces as well as listing them in my Etsy shop. I want to share some sneak peeks of a couple new works that won't be listed for sale until tomorrow or so. Along with a short video with some closer looks at my newly listed pieces. coming soon. A Bergie Creation
Here is A Much Closer Look Below
Watch Here
For starters, above  is a whimsical wire and stone beaded pendant that was inspired by an artist that I like learning from - his channel is called Matts Crazy Art.

This Pendant is in rose gold tone wire, and Agate, Hematite, and other real stone beads. I took a lot of pics to try to capture all of the angles.
More Sneak Peeks
A gorgeous glass crystal rival that is about 18mm across was set into polymer clay sculpted in a way that reminds me of wire weaving. The surface was treated with colour shifting pigment. Definitely hard to capture on camera!

New Pieces Recently Posted In My Shop

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Friday, February 7, 2020

A Closer Look Inside My Studio - A Bergie Creation - Polymer Clay Earrings

UPDATE: The sneak peek pendant has been listed just now. Click WINDY here to see.
 Hi guys! A quick video to share a few more pictures of some new polymer clay earrings that I  just listed in my shop A Bergie Creation. It's short and sweet. Enjoy!
Watch Below

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A Closer Look - Inside My Studio: MORE BEAUTIFUL HEARTS! Or Turn Them into your own masterpiece...

Hi everyone. Well, here are some more beautiful large hearts. The hearts have been turned into simple pendant necklaces and are great as is. However, thanks to the expression of interest from an inquiring shopper, I got the idea to encourage folks to create their own pieces of jewellery, accessories, home decor items....endless possibilities. They can even be created yourself, just check out my article/video at my creativity blog HeArtfully Creating link-click here.
And of course to visit my Etsy shop, where they are for sale, click here ABergieCreation.

To see a previous closer look video featuring the first listings of these great hearts, take a look here. 

Now here are but a few of the ideas that came to mind. I will also be posting more about the uses and ideas in the future, as well as smaller heart sizes. Something for everyone. Ideally, I would love to encourage creative people or even those interested in learning, to try making your own. If not, that's why I sell my work, for those who want it ready to wear or be transformed!!

♥THESE HEARTS CAN BE USED AS A FOCAL BEAD So you can make your own jewelry piece.

♥Jewellery making supplies: Yes, This is a finished piece of jewellery, but you can take any of my handmade pendants on simple cords and turn them into a piece of your own!
♥Try, Beaded strands, multiple cords, chains, wax or satin cords...
♥Maybe use in a handmade keychain, key fob or decoration to accent a zipper pull for jackets or back packs and purses! Endless possibilities.

♥MORE...Multiple hearts can be turned into a cool home decor mobil, wind decoration, ornament, a dangle for whatever purpose. Hang it in your rearview mirror!

♥GREAT GIFTS That YOU can make for heart lovers!!

As I write this, my artist mind reels with more ideas. So as soon as I can, I will be posting more on the possibilities and maybe even "How To Tutorials," in my HeArtfully Creating Blog / YouTube Channel. So excited!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

A Closer Look: New Heartfully Collection! Petri Dish Technique

Yay, finally some new Pieces and I have been hooked on hearts and the petri dish technique just listed in my shop! So, I decided to call all new Heart pieces,  Heartfully Collection. Firstly because my creativity blog is called HeArtfully Creating. And since these pretty pendants are hearts, made sense to name them that! More heart jewellery will be added as I complete them!

If you are interested in learning more about the process for the petri dish technique or want to try making your own check out my HeArtfully Creating blog article here.

The video below is a closer look at more shots of today's newest listings (Etsy can only permit so many photos), plus I like keeping an album of all the beautiful photos.
And If you follow my blogs or youtube channel, you will know how much I have been enjoying this new alcohol ink and resin technique. The thing is, time flies as I focus on art making and don't get to turn the pieces into jewellery. So that's why I say finally!!
Watch Below!

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Share From Heartfully Creating: Handmade Beads Turned into Beaded Ropes!

Here is a share from my creativity blog Heartfully Creating...
First of all, if you are interested in creating your own faux turquoise beads from polymer clay, click here. See what I was avble to create using those beautiful beads. As well, I  was able to incorporate the hologlitter polymer clay beads as well as others! About 90% of these necklaces are comprised of beads I  got to make.

Below is a video featuring the pieces, some now listed in my Etsy Shop A Bergie Creation. There are a few tips about creating necklaces as well.

Watch Now!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Inside My Studio: New - Single Open Strand Handmade Polymer Clay Beaded Multifunctional Rope Necklaces

Hi guys! Been a while. If you think I have been maxing and relaxing....nope! Aside from spending two months redecorating our kitchen table into a galaxy look, brush stroke by brush strong, holo glitter, colour shifting powders, shifting pigments, one gallon of polyurethane...and as of today,  finally finished. Well, first I need another can of polyurethane because I keep adding more details. Here is the process so far, click here.

But finally, I am done enough that I can focus on listing my newest jewellery pieces and work on more polymer clay pieces! Yay!. These new pieces are some great single strand polymer clay faux turquoise open rope strands. They have a beaded tassel on one end and a focal bead on the other. And just see all that you can do with one strand! So cool and versatile.

More Details Coming Soon On Video
Soon a video showing the process and  whole pile of extra detail pics about the beaded strands,  coming soon. I can only post so many photos on my Etsy shop. For now, I just wanted to finally connect with internet land, and share where life is at here at A Bergie Creation!
for a look in my shop click here to see the purple BLISS rope!
and here to see BRAYIA.

Also inside our studio  My husband Craig has been painting. Check his work out here.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

NEW . A Closer Look - BRILLIANT. Polymer Clay Art Pendant With Faceted Glass

This wearable art pendant is so beautiful that I need to share all the angles and pictures I can. It is hard to show the two colour faceted glass cabochon in a teardrop shape. So look carefully. The alcohol ink on the silver metal leaf foil adds to the sparkly glass focal point. Greens and magenta pink. The polymer clay art bezel wraps beautifully around the glass piece, enhancing it's form. nI just listed it in my Etsy shop here. I call it BRILLIANT.

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Friday, May 24, 2019

In My Studio: Sneak Peek

Click here to see "Sprout" In My Etsy Shop Blog.

Hi guys. A year ago, I was hooked on creating polymer clay tube beads but didn't get to turn them into anything. That's the problem when I find a technique I like, I can't stop and end up with abundant supplies, but no time to create jewellery. So yay, here are some new bracelets. If you want to be updated as my shop is updated, feel free to come and like my shop Facebook page here.
And my Etsy shop link is here.
And Below is a video featuring a sneak peek at just the beginning of the new pieces, I will be listing as I can.
Click here to see "Gewel" In my shop.

Watch Video Now
Here are a few more pics of some other pieces I have been creating.
My creativity blog is HeArtfully Creating. It's where I also share tutorials about things like these tube beads!
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Handmade clasps
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A Translucent polymer clay cuff bracelet
A Brass wire, with polymer clay and faux suede cylinder polymer clay bracelet

Friday, April 12, 2019

Inside My Studio - Sneak Peek at New Pendant Ideas

It's been a busy spring so far. One technique I have been playing around with has been holographic effects and creating jewelry using the beautiful art sheets I was able to make using alcohol inks (coming soon). As I refine the techniques I hope to list my new designs in my Etsy shop A Bergie Creation (click here).

Watch My Holographic Video compilation

To be more connected please LIKE my ABC Facebook Page here.

Here is a behind the scenes sneak peek at the ones so far. Of course I am planning on creating a "Learn With Me" tutorial on my blog and channel HeArtfully Creating. For now I wanted to share where I have been focusing lately. Enjoy! 

Holographic Pendants