Monday, January 29, 2018

A Bergie Creation: Inside My Studio - A Closer Look At "Reveal" - Necklace


Yay, I just realized that my Etsy shop, A Bergie Creation, has been open for ten years (officially in October), 2008-2018! Just had to share that :o)
To Watch The Short "Reveal" video now, Click Right Below To See

If you follow my You Tube Channel, my ABC or HeArtfully Creating blogs, you will already know
how much I love working in polymer Clay and creating tube beads! Needless to say, I built up quite a collection before turning them into beautiful pieces of jewellery.
(Recently, I have been hooked on making faux stained glass window clingies.)

Back to tube I listed one of my favourite tube bead necklaces called, "Reveal," so far. I love the jewel
tones of Jade or Emerald Green, Cobalt Blues That turn into royal Tanzanite blue/Violet. There is almost a tanzanite hue as well, ever see tanzanite? Absolutely stunning blue/violet and absolutely a stone I will never own. But hey, the internet makes gem gazing possible thanks to the gorgeous digital photos, making even the tiniest of stones look huge!

The yarn that inspired this necklace is super soft and fuzzy. I bought the yarn because I loved the colour combination along with how the strands were structured, looking like soft cords for making multi strand necklaces.

I wanted to share more photos in a short "In My Studio - A
Closer Look," video. So enjoy soaking in these jewelled hues. It was fun creating the beads and then working with such soft and gorgeous yarn!

And thank you to ten years of customer support, making my  shop a possibility!

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