Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Great Idea For Large Bracelets! ARM BLING!

Original Hand Drawn illustration by me, Anita Berglund Copyright 2016
Hi guys! I Just wanted to share an idea that I just finished illustrating with a photo of my newest "Rise" bracelet photo. It was created to show an idea that came to my head. That idea? Is what can be done with bracelets that some may love, but are just too big for their wrist. Arm bracelets! 
Drew this because aside from being a visual artist and love an excuse to draw, I couldn't model this idea because I am not a slender woman, so these bracelets would not fit my upper arm! But, I know there are ladies out here who would like to wear arm bling, not limiting bracelets to their wrists.

I didn't intend to make these bracelets and the ones to come so large. They grew in length once I added the clasps!  Leaving me with some extra large bracelets some, too large for plus size ladies such as myself. But, perfect as an upper or forearm decoration!

Thanks for stopping by!
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