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Himalayan Blue Poppy in Acrylic by Anita Berglund

A Few of My Favourite Things...

I wanted to share this because since ABC blog is intended to help anyone interested in my art work, to know more about the artist and the process of creating. Such as, what inspires me as a visual artist, to make art. And then I picked out some pieces from my shop (click here to go to A BERGIE CREATION.)
Yup, Anita loves Blue. A satin flower
 I made from satin jimmies.
Since my eyes are where inspiration enters my mind and gets the creative wheels spinning, it makes sense that I am super sensitive visually, to all that is around me and colour is what I notice first. In fact, I am guessing since we all see before we can form words as newborns, what we see impacts us first in life. Yes, hearing is key too, and a screaming voice called crying to express needs and discomfort are also what we experience first in this world. But hey, since I am a visual artist and have aspired to be one since I could hold a mark making implement, it is safe to say that for me - it was my visual sense that impacted me the most. Still does.

Colour has been so important to be around for me that even when I lived in apartments I would always be informed that I was not permitted to paint the walls! You have no idea how much anxiety the thought of living like that would cause.That's why I ignored the orders and would have all of the walls painted, and never pastel like (not colour to me) - always bold and intense! The thought of life in a plain white space, for me would be too much, like standing before a stark white ginormous blank canvas, with a blank mind space,  no ideas. Not something I enjoy. It was always worth the consequences, to create the environment I adored. One housing manager told me when I moved out, that my blue was so dark (like my old living room below) that it took way more gallons of paint than it normally would, to paint units white.

My folks inside my last apartment! So Blue. See, Dad loves blue too! 

If you haven't guessed already, my favourite hue is blue. Blue is a favourite colour for many many folks. My theory for that,is because God has blessed our world by surrounding us with it. Skies, Lakes, Oceans, and all that He created between. Ever see Blue Tang fish? (Think Finding memo ) lies between, and all around us. Some even have blue eyes! 
It is one of those colours that personally, I never tire of. So much so it has been a focal colour in my living spaces for much of my fifty years of life as well as my art work be it in paintings and jewelry.

Come back for part two. I selected some of my favourite blue jewelry pieces in my shop...

our blue house! That's me!

Our living room as it looks now, ocean beach house it.

My folks inside my last apartment! So Blue. See, Dad loves blue too! (paintings behind by me, Anita Berglund)
 many of my clothes, blue, in fact since the ABC Blog is intended to not just offer sneak peeks and insider looks, I want share some 
personal aspects of my life - "Behind the scenes" :o) 

After all, what my environment looks like, what I adore and enjoy, all are a part of who I am. And who I am therefore, inspires - reflects very much, on what inspires me to create.
California Bluebells that grow in our garden - photo by Anita Berglund

Next TIME...BLUE, Part 2.

large ocean blue EARRINGS. CARY. MUSSEL Sea Shell Earrings with Dangles. 20 Gauge Handmade Ear wires

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